Tuesday, October 28, 2014


So...after watching a History Channel show about Zombies. I've decided that it's quite possible for a zombie outbreak. There are apparently these things called Prions that can infect your brain and cause you to have zombie-like actions. Thank you History Channel for giving my imagination more logic. I "googled" Prion to see if there was true validity to their "report." and found it on the CDC's website. http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvrd/prions/ It's linked to things like "mad cow" disease.

Yes, I try to research for pure enjoyment and curiosity. Am I that nerd that misses school? Yes, but not the social aspect of it. I miss the learning. Discovering things I never knew were possible. The feeling of expanding my knowledge of the world. As you can see from my punctuation, I should probably go back to school and relearn how to use it properly. Or at least buy a book about the proper uses for punctuation. 

Let's get back on track!


So this show about Zombies. I feel has been multiple shows in one. It started out talking about zombies. Then it moved on to talking about hordes and battles. Now it's back on zombies but talking about survival and what you should do. At some point, I was learning about plagues and diseases. I also learned about generation "C." They're children who live through the zombie apocalypse. They're tougher and more resourceful. With all the little stories within this show, I feel like I have ADD. Can't focus on one subject. At one point I forgot I was watching a show about Zombies.

Have you ever watched a show and forgotten what it was about?